• David Veliquette


For the choir director, on the Philistine lute, a Psalm of David

O Lord, our Lord, mighty is Your name on earth! Far greater than heavens, Your glory, Your worth.

From mouths of mere infants and babes your strength willed, because of your enemies, vengeance is stilled.

When pondering the heavens, the work of Your hand, The moon and the stars all of which You have planned:

So, what is mere man that You’re of him aware; And even man’s son, that You send him Your care?

Yet, You have made him a bit lower than God, And crowned him with glory and honor, to laud.

For You have made him to rule works of Your hands; And put all things under his feet where he stands.

All sheep, yes, and oxen, all beasts of the fields; The birds of the heavens, the fish the sea yields.

And, whatever passes through paths of the sea. Oh Lord, our Lord excellent Your name in earth be!

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