• David Veliquette


To the Chief Musician, a Psalm of David

The fool in his heart has said, “There is no God.” Corrupt, they’ve done bad deeds; none do good to laud.

The Lord looks from heaven on sons of mankind, To see who is wise, who seek God, and Him find.

They’ve all turned aside and have filthy become; There is none that does good; no, not even some.

Oh have they no knowledge, the evil ones all? As bread, eat my people, on God they don’t call?

There they were in great fear: for God’s with the just. You’ve shamed the poor’s counsel, the Lord is his trust.

Oh, that the salvation of you, Israel, Would come out of Zion; that you would prevail!

Oh, Isra’l shall be glad and Jacob rejoice, When God brings the captives; His people, His choice.

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